Morgenstern Institute of Spine publishes a new study on endoscopic spine surgery in an international journal

June 17, 2023

Dr. Morgenstern and the Morgenstern Institute of Spine have published a new study on endoscopic spine surgery in the renowned international journal “International Journal of Spine Surgery” (USA). In this study, Dr. Morgenstern describsea novel endoscopic surgical technique for the endoscopic removal of a migrated interbody cage after a previously failed spine surgery. This novel surgery could prove ground-breaking for a better and safer revision spine surgery.



The Morgenstern Institute of Spine is on the international forefront in endoscopic spine surgery  and keeps pioneering new techniques in this field of surgery.



Morgenstern C, Morgenstern R, Full-Endoscopic Removal of Migrated and Pseudoarthrotic Lumbar Interbody Cages: Case Reports and Technical Note, Int J Spine Surgery, May 2023; 8451


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