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Morgenstern Institute of Spine, located at the Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona, the leading private hospital in Spain, were the first surgeons to introduce endoscopic surgery in Spain more than 25 years ago, field in which we are world-class leaders.

Our institute has a over 25-years old tradition of excellence in spine surgery and we are specialized in resolving all kind of spinal pathologies using the latest and most advanced endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

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Herniation (lumbar disk)

Acute back pain with or without radiating sciatic pain to the leg(s) (buttocks, thigh, groin, knee, calf, foot)

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Herniation (cervical disk)

Neck pain with or without radiating pain to the arm (shoulder, forearm, hand, fingers)

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Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Adolescent scoliosis is a deformity of the spine of children and teenagers in the age between 10 to 19 years

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Central spinal stenosis

Intense pain in one or two legs that increases within a short distance of walking (about 50 – 400 meters). The patient usually has to stop walking because of the pain and sits down or bends forward to relieve the pain.

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Intensive back pain due to a vertebral fracture

Sudden back pain that appeared suddenly or after falling down. Patients with low bone quality (Ostheopenia/Ostheoporosis) are at increased risk of suffering a vertebral fracture.

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Degenerative disk disease

Back pain, usually chronically, that does not (or little) relieve with pain medication. Back pain is usually shaped belt/girdle like on the back.

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Spinal vertebral instability (spondylolisthesis)

Intense back pain usually after standing for a while or when seated. It can present also with leg pain.

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Pain of the sacroiliac joint (SI joint pain)

Pain in the buttocks that usually presents after walking or standing.

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Pain in the hip, groin and buttock

This pain can have multiple origins, like the hip, the sacroiliac joint and the spine. It requires a thorough check-up by the physician to locate the actual cause of the pain to be able to treat it effectively.

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Failed back surgery

Patients who have undergone previous surgery of the spine and still have or even present a new form of pain in the back may require revision surgery of the spine.

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Spine infection and discitis

An acute infection of the spine (spondylodiscitis) is usually caused by previous spine surgery. The usual treatment consists of combining a surgical and antibiotic treatment.

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Degenerative scoliosis

Scoliosis is a deformity of the human spine in the frontal plane. Degenerative scoliosis develops progressively as an adult and can end up generating pain and deforming your back.

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Patient Testimonials

First golf swing after four months of my endoscopic fusion surgery. Thank you very much Doctors.

Endoscopic fusion

Patient 64 years old
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Three years ago I couldn’t climb the stairs and I had constant back and leg pain. Thanks to the operation performed by Dr. Morgenstern on 2 herniated disks, my life changed and I was able to enjoy my hobbies again, like dancing. But above all, now I can finally live again without pain. Dr. Morgenstern has given me the opportunity to get back my quality of life.

Endoscopic fusion (2016)

Patient 58 years old
Girona (Girona)

I am very happy with the surgery, it was a very complicated surgery and it went perfectly.

Endoscopic fusion and endoscopic decompression (2019)

Patient 74 years old
Vallirana (Barcelona)

We are very satisfied with how the operation went. Thank you  Doctors.

Endoscopic fusion (2018)

Patient 58 years old
Menorca (Balearic Island)

Very good care by the doctors. Happy with the surgery.

Endoscopic fusion (2018)

Patient 83 years old
Arbucies (Girona)

It has changed my life. Very happy.

Endoscopic fusion (2018)

Patient 66 years old
Girona (Girona)

I am at a 100%, better than ever.

Lumbar endoscopy (2018)

Patient 34 years old
Santa Cristina d’Aro (Girona)
Morgenstern Institute of Spine


Trained in Germany and the USA, our team of physicians are one of the most experienced endoscopic and percutaneous spine surgery teams in Europe. They enjoy the highest international reputation thanks to their excellent clinical results, their experience obtained after more than 20 years of medical practice and the numerous publications in scientific journals and presentations in international conferences in the field of endoscopic spine surgery.

Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern

Pioneer in Europe in introducing endoscopic spine surgery, he has already performed thousands of endoscopic spine surgeries since 2001.

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Dr. Christian Morgenstern

Trained in U.S.A. and Germany for the application of the most advanced techniques of both endoscopy and percutaneous surgery of the spine.

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Together with the patient, we review, evaluate, and identify the best treatment plan for our patients. We know that every case is different, hence all of our patients receive a detailed, individual plan for their personalized treatment and rehabilitation to relieve pain as quickly as possible.

Lumbar Endoscopy

With a skin incision of less than one centimeter, this technique allows the treatment of herniated lumbar discs and other lumbar spine pathologies under local anesthesia and with minimal aggression to the patient.

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Endoscopic fusion

We are world-wide pioneers in developing a revolutionary endoscopic fusion surgery. This innovative surgical technique allows expandable interbody implants to be introduced into a lumbar disc through a skin incission of only 12 mm and under local anesthesia. The patient is able to walks a few hours and is discharged the next morning after surgery .

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Scoliosis surgery

This novel minimally invasive anterior scoliosis correction (ASC) surgery allows to preserve the mobility and flexibility, as well as a harmonious growth of the spine

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