The Teknon Medical Center is one of the most prestigious and important hospitals in the private health sector in Spain. It was founded by the North American company Tenet Healthcare Corporation and is now part of the Grupo Hospitalario Quirón, part of the German corporation Fresenius.

Centro Médico Teknon, Dr. Morgenstern

The Teknon Medical Center is governed by a rigorous culture of quality management, aimed at offering the best care and patient satisfaction with maximum safety, a hallmark that has earned it the prestigious US Joint Commission International accreditation.

The Teknon campus has more than 400 leading medical specialists and more than 2,000 professionals oversee the medical care of patients. The current Teknon Medical Center facilities cover more than 60,000 square meters. The center has 211 individual rooms and 19 suites that offer maximum comfort and permanent attention to patients. It also has a polyvalent intensive care unit for children and adults with 14 individual boxes, equipped with the most modern means of monitoring and treatment of the serious patient, both medical and surgical.

Teknon Medical Center has 20 operating rooms, 12 of them located in the central area and prepared for high-risk surgery, and the remaining 8 for outpatient surgery. All the operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced technology, in which more than 22,000 operations are performed annually. Likewise, the area has recovery and induction areas permanently supervised by specialists of the Anaesthesiology Service.

Teknon Medical Center has a central Diagnostic Service specially dedicated to complementary explorations in which more than 145,000 outpatient diagnostic tests are performed annually. A specialized area where all techniques are practiced, such as diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine or endoscopy, including those more complex and specialized such as coronary CT, magnetic resonance and PET-CT.

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