Dr. Morgenstern international faculty at the Complex Spine Surgery Symposium of the prestigious Balgrist clinic in Zurich, Switzerland

June 17, 2023

Dr. Morgenstern was invited as a lecturer and  international faculty to the exclusive Complex Spine Surgery Symposium of the renowned Balgrist ein Zurich, Switxerland to share his views and experience on endoscopic spine fusion. As an international expert in this field, Dr. Morgenstern also instructed the audience (mainly surgeons coming from all over the world) on how to perform spine endoscopic surgery during a hands-on workshop during the same event.


Dr. Morgenstern teaching female surgeons on endoscopic spine surgery on a simulator during the hands-on workshop of the Complex Spine Symposium



Dr. Morgenstern giving his lecture on endoscopic spine fusion during Complex Spine Symposium at the Balgrist clinic in Zurich, Switzerland


Group photo of the attending faculty with Dr. Morgenstern and other renowned faculty, including Prof. Alexander Vaccharo (USA), Prof. Mazda Farshad (Suiza) and  Prof. James Yue (USA).


Picture of the packed auditorium during the Complex Spine Symposium


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