What is the Morgenstern Institute of Spine?

The Morgenstern Institute of Spine (MIS) is located in Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, the leading private clinic in Spain. We have more than 20 years of experience in spine surgery, having performed more than 2.000 endoscopic surgeries of the spine.

Our patients are at the center of our treatment philosophy. We do not treat images, but the pain and symptoms with which the patient comes to us. We always seek to find the most minimal invasive treatment to solve the patient’s pain. Our team of physicians has been trained in Germany and the USA in the newest advances of spine surgery to adopt the most innovative surgical techniques with the most advanced technology available for the endoscopic and minimally invasive treatment of spinal disorders. At MIS, we have already succesfully performed more than 2.000 endoscopic surgeries since 2001. Our priority is to always provide patients with the best, personalized solutions to their individual spinal problems and ailments, enabling them to preserve the highest possible function, mobility and quality of life.

Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern was ahead of his time by introducing endoscopic spine surgery in Spain more than 20 years ago. Thanks to his indomitable spirit of constant innovation and seeking perfection, he revolutionized lumbar spine fusion surgery by introducing a revolutionary endoscopic fusion technique in 2010. This endoscopic fusion technique allows to perform complex spine surgery with minimal aggression to the patient, a small incision of just 12 mm length under local anaesthesia and hospital discharge the next morning after the operation.

Our systematic, methodical and exhaustive clinical evaluation of each patient allows us to obtain an accurate and individualized diagnosis of each patient’s ailment. We prioritize, whenever possible, conservative (non-surgical) treatments as the first course of action. If surgical intervention is required, our philosophy is always to start with the least aggressive, i.e. invasive, surgery for the patient. The meticulous planning and preparation of each surgery allows us to provide patients with a detailed and personalized plan for their treatment and recovery, while at the same time preventing complications and ensuring the most successful surgery possible.

The medical team at the Morgenstern Institute of Spine is currently one of the most experienced endoscopic and percutaneous spine surgery teams in Europe and enjoys a sound international reputation thanks to its excellent results, accumulated experience and numerous publications in scientific journals and lectures at international conferences in the field of endoscopic spine surgery.

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